Kentucky Salt

Good morning and thank you for your order,

You are receiving this message because you ordered Kentucky Chicken Salt from us this week. We endeavour to be as upfront and transparent as possible with our customers. We are sending this email on a mass scale to all customers who purchased Kentucky Salt to inform you of the following:

Due to the epic amount of orders there is simply not enough time in the day to go through and find the 'shipped' to 'awaiting shipping'. We finally have some 'breathing space' so we have sent this to everyone to ensure no one is missed.

All orders to date, have or will have a tracking number uploaded to your order. When a tracking number is uploaded it automatically marks the order as shipped in the eBay system. If you have a tracking number for your order and it is showing, 'in transit', or it has already been delivered, fantastic, there is no need to read on!

If your tracking number is showing 'tracking number provided' or 'shipping information received by Australia Post', this means your order is waiting to be shipped then please read the next message we have sent you...

We are lead to believe our business was mentioned regarding Kentucky Salt, which in turn created an influx of orders in mass proportion (100's and 100's) which was unexpected. We have been working around the clock this week to get all orders processed and out on time as humanly possible with many nights working into the wee hours of the morning, with only a couple of hours sleep.

A shipment of Kentucky Salt was expected to be delivered at the beginning of the week, however, as a day or two passed we figured something was up as no truck showed up. We contacted our manufacturer to find they had not started production yet but never told us this vital piece of information, nor that it wasn't even shipped! (gee thanks, just what we needed!)

We are confident our shipment will be with us perhaps mid this week coming. All orders with tracking provided and NOT in transit are ready to go but just need the Kentucky Salt added. These are on our PRIORITY list and will be shipped immediately once our shipment arrives.

We cannot apologise enough for the inconvenience this may have caused you as this delay was completely unexpected and extremely inconvenient for us also as we like to ship as quickly as possible and understand the inconvenience this can have as online shoppers ourselves (not to mention my wife is in breakdown mode over this fiasco and the manufacturer!)

If you are happy to wait for your order to be shipped, thank you and there is no need to respond, as this will indicate to us that you are happy to wait.

If you do not wish to wait and would like a refund, please let us know and we will refund you immediately.

If you purchased multiple items and would like these items sent separately from the Kentucky Salt now, please let us know and we will ship these now and send the Kentucky Salt when it arrives.

Again, we sincerely apologise but also thank you for supporting our small business, it means the world to us and thank you for your patience.

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